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CO2-HERENCIA en ICT for Ag 2022


Evento: CO2-HERENCIA: ICT-based mobile farmer school to address climate change and entrepreneurship

Fecha: 9 de mazo de 2022

Evento Linkedin: 9 de mazo de 2022



Equitable, effective and sustainable rural development cannot be achieved without recognizing the contributions that rural women make to food production and the well-being of their families. Several studies have shown that climate change accentuates gender inequality with greater repercussions on women and young people, especially those who work in the agricultural sector.

The United Nations estimates that if women in rural areas had access to agricultural assets, education and markets that men have access to, food production could be increased and the number of people reduced by between 100 and 150 million who are hungry.

According to the Inter-American Development Bank study “Entrepreneurship ecosystems in Latin America and the Caribbean in the face of covid 19, in the demands for support from ecosystem organizations, technical assistance to implement an action plan in the face of the crisis (66% ) is highly relevant.

This added to the fact that in Latin America and the Caribbean there are 9.4 million unemployed young people, 23 million who do not study or work or are in training, and more than 30 million only find employment in informal conditions. (International Labor Organization).

On the basis of these realities Solidaridad with the support of their Allies has developed CO2-HERENCIA , Agroleanign and severlas hybrid solution (digital and face-to-face) that encourages rural women and youth to develop capacities for climate-smart practices, digital transformation, entrepreneurship.

Based on the experience of the CO2 – Herencia project, and various digital and methodological tools developed by Solidaridad, in the panel we will talk with some of our allies and with small farmers, about how these solutions promote practices to mitigate climate change, as well as skills and digital inclusion in young women farmers, which connect them with more opportunities to improve their well bein

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