Co-Director – Suriname’s Growth Enterprises (SURGE)

Solidaridad (https://www.solidaridadnetwork.org) seeks local candidates for the role of Co-Director on an anticipated multi-year Program for Suriname’s Growth Enterprises (SURGE), under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation (MEA), with financing by The World Bank. The project will support growth-oriented enterprises in Suriname through a combination of business development services and matching grants for productivity-enhancing investments and value chain development.

Interested candidates who comply with the following terms of reference are invited to submit their CV and a Letter of Interest (in English) to [email protected]. Only selected candidates will be contacted.


Solidaridad is an international network organization, working in over 40 countries with eight regional offices on five continents. We work with businesses from the market throughout the whole supply chain to make sustainability the norm and enable businesses, farmers and workers to earn a decent income, produce in balance with nature, and shape their future. We have significant experience working on buyer-led programs to support small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and value chains through a combination of business development services and matching grants to support business and value chain growth and transformation.


The most important responsibilities of the Co-Director are 1) to co-lead the team jointly with the international Director (during year 1, and become Director in years 2 and 3), thus understanding who should do what and motivate and guide the team; 2) to help support SURGE beneficiaries; 3) to build strategic partnerships that enable SURGE to achieve performance targets, and 4) to build relationships and work with potential and current clients. The Co-Director will be responsible to the beneficiary MSMEs in terms of helping them grow their business, to beneficiary value chains in increasing their competitiveness, to the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) in terms of managing SURGE, and to other stakeholders who invest in SURGE beneficiaries. 

SURGE will be headed by a person who is a dynamic leader of appropriate stature. The Co-Director should have had significant profit and loss responsibility, whilst leading a team comprising sales, operations, and finance functions. Experience coaching MSMEs and in either the agro-production/processing, light manufacturing, or tourism sectors specifically is desirable. 


  • Location: South America
  • Country:  Suriname
  • City location:  Paramaribo
  • Length of position:  2 years (with possible 1-year extension)


  • Masters’ degree in Business Administration/Management/Agribusiness/ Entrepreneurship/ Tourism Management;
  • Private sector experience and entrepreneurial orientation including business management, leadership experience; experience in banking and finance is a plus;
  • Minimum of ten years of middle to senior management experience with demonstrated leadership and day-to-day management capabilities;
  • Evidence of developing effective teams, facilitation and negotiation skills, brokering partnerships;
  • Confidence, passion, and enthusiasm for the growth of MSMEs;
  • Knowledge of the Surinamese economy is ideal, including the agribusiness and/or tourism market, including key stakeholders and the issues faced by MSMEs;
  • Demonstrated ability to work with a range of stakeholders, including small businesses, investors, retailers, wholesalers, and government;
  • High tolerance for ambiguity and flexibility;

  • Credibility with manufacturing and processing clients, investors, and stakeholders.
  • Based in Suriname, knowledge of the Surinamese economy and culture is essential. Must be fluent in Dutch and Sranan Tongo.

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